Past Events

ThANK You for Supporting MFE.  Here are some highlights from past events.

Community & Business Spotlight
Kentucky Derby Party
Whiskey & Wine Tasting
Dodgeball Tourney
Trivia Bee

Trivia Bee 2023

Special thanks to all of the sponsors at this year's event! 

Trivia Bee 2017 

Special thanks to all of the sponsors at this year's event! 

Dodgeball Tournament 2017

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year's dodgeball tournament another success! 

Milford Daily News article:

After Dodgeball.....Medway Cafe!

Thanks to Medway Cafe for helping to support the MFE.

Dodgeball 2016

Thanks to all the sponsors, teams, and volunteers, our dodgeball tournament was a success!!

We hope you had fun, see you next year for more dodgeball!

Support Medway Foundation for Education

We have textile bins located at each Medway pubic school. This is a great way to recycle and support the MFE.

Acceptable donations can be found in the flier below.

Our Annual Drive is complete!

Thank you to everyone for supporting the MFE! We raised $5,600 in our first year of running the drive as a non-telethon. We are excited to use the money to provide new innovative grants in the coming months.


Donations Now Being Accepted! 

Our annual drive is now underway! Details are below. If you'd like to donate quickly and safely online via the Network for Good, click here:

Otherwise, please complete the pledge form below and we will follow up as needed:

Press release detailing the annual drive: 

The Medway Foundation for Education will be holding a “NON-TELETHON" annual drive this September and October, in lieu of the annual MFE Phone-a-Thon, which is typically done at the beginning of the school year. 

This year's fundraiser will be conducted entirely through social media, beginning September 26th. “We realize that the old method of calling people at home for donations is outdated, as many residents no longer use house phones," said Brian Gray, MFE President. "So we will be conducting this annual fundraiser through our website, on Facebook and Twitter, and through other social media channels. Whether you have donated to the MFE in the past, or are newly acquainted with our organization, please consider making a donation this year.”

For the 2016-2017 school year, over $16,000 in funds were granted for the following programs:

* A Permanent District Student Art Collection 

* BOKS (Reebok Foundation's before and after school physical activity)

* Flexible classroom/Differentiating Instruction 

*Micropipettes for Molecular Genetics Applications

*6th Grade Speakers Series (Lost Boys of Sudan)

*Fostering Curious Readers

*Students Tools Project

*JUSTOR (access to the highest quality Academic Journals, Books etc.) 

These grants were awarded to teachers from each of Medway’s four schools, providing innovative programs, technologies and materials to a wide range of students.

The MFE has funded over $250,000 in grants since its inception and is currently in the process of building a long-term endowment fund for future generations to utilize.

“We are so thankful for the support and generous donations made to the MFE each year by members of our community. Support for our fundraisers has continually been shown by the people of Medway, as well as local businesses, throughout the school year. Teachers from each of our schools submitted some wonderful grant proposals for consideration, and we are happy to be able to grant funds to many of those,” said Sue Olson, MFE Vice-President.

Donations can be made online through the MFE website (, or by going to:

Please be sure to follow us on, and on Twitter (@MFE_Medway) for updates on our fundraising events.