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Formed during the summer of 2002, the Medway Foundation for Education (MFE) is a non-profit organization charged with raising capital to fund innovative, educational projects throughout Medway’s public schools.

Using money generated from community events, contributions, and educational grants, the MFE allocates funds through a grant process to teacher-sponsored projects that dramatically impact the quality of education that students receive.

In brief, the MFE is a non-profit, non-political organization established to preserve and improve Medway’s quality education while reducing the impact of limited school budget funding. The MFE seeks to provide community members with positive, proactive means of contributing to the well being of our children and simultaneously contributing to Medway’s financial vitality. Our members understand the risks we face if we do not address our educational needs: declining MCAS Scores, deficient education for our children, declining property values and increased taxes. We expect to accomplish our mission by achieving a number of goals:

  1. Establish fundraising events and in turn, distribute the proceeds to the schools in the form of grants for innovative programs to enhance and enrich Medway’s core curriculum. In addition to curriculum supplements, the funds would also be used to support professional-training programs for teachers and administrators.
  2. To raise an original $1,000,000 that will create an endowment on the basis of principal and investment income. The principal will create a legacy foundation to support the schools on a consistent basis regardless of successful or unsuccessful fundraising years. In addition, the endowment will dependably support the schools, with minimal required resources or effort, in the event of years where the volunteers dwindle.
  3. Combine Parent/Community involvement, grant writing, project definition and strategies to seek out creative and innovative programs to bring our educational curriculum to a higher standard.
  4. Promote awareness of the cost of education and the positive impact that supporting our schools will have on our community.

We expect the benefits to be substantial. We feel that the MFE will improve the quality of education to allow our children to maximize their opportunities for continued education or employment, sustain Medway’s reputation of educational excellence, in turn sustaining a vibrant community. Finally, we believe that the MFE will provide a proactive approach to managing future needs of our schools.

We hope you will join us in supporting the MFE. Please check back with us again for updates on our progress. If you would like to contact us please email us.