2023 Grant Application

mfe grant application process

Our 2023 MFE Grant Application Deadline is: 

Friday, May 26th

The 2023 Medway Foundation for Education Grant Application Google Form can be found here

If you would like to work on your grant proposal in MS Word and then copy and paste into the Google Form for final submission, you can find the working document here

We would like to see applications sent electronically via Google Forms (if you have trouble using Google Forms, please use the Word Document and email it to Brian Gray and Christine Miller). 

Brian Gray, President:   bgray_123@yahoo.com

Christine Miller, Vice President:  cmdmiller8@gmail.com

The preferred method of submission is to share via Google Forms. 

June 6, 2023 - The MFE Board meets to determine which proposals should be funded.   This date may change based on the schedules of the volunteer board members and the state-mandated social distancing guidelines that could be extended into the summer months.  

Awards will be announced shortly after the MFE Board meeting.    The board may ask a grant applicant to present additional information or meet with the board members at a future date to discuss their grant proposal and answer additional questions.   If this happens, the board reserves the right to delay their final decision on a grant until this process has been completed.          

June 30, 2023 - Final reports due for grants awarded in 2022.


The MFE Board is pleased to continue a grant initiative that began in May 2019 – The MFE Maddie Lamson Grant.   In 2018, the Board was approached by Bob and Alyson Lamson, the parents of Maddie Lamson, who tragically passed away in a car accident during the fall of her senior year at Medway High School.  Maddie grew up in Medway and she loved the community of students, teachers and coaches she interacted with across all of Medway Schools.   She was planning to attend Wheaton College to become a high school teacher and coach herself.  

Maddie’s parents have partnered with MFE in order to provide funding for an annual grant that will be awarded in Maddie’s name.   MFE is seeking grant proposals that would reflect Maddie’s passion for the arts and humanities, English reading skills, and leadership.  Maddie was a wonderful student who made a strong impression on her teachers and classmates over the years and across several Medway schools.    The MFE Board is excited to help memorialize Maddie’s contributions to our community and her wonderful student spirit and leadership skills through this grant process. 

 If you are interested in being considered for the Maddie Lamson Grant, please indicate that on the MFE grant application Google Form (see link above).   If you have questions about the grant application process, please email Brian Gray (bgray_123@yahoo.com) or Christine Miller (cmdmiller8@gmail.com).  Thank you.