Grants in Action

2018-2019 MFE grants IN ACTION

The room is open for teachers to book for their classes and for students to work in after school during its "power hour."

MHS Collaborative classroom Grant

The MFE-sponsored Collaborative Classroom this fall at the Medway High School is up and running! The grant, submitted by K-12 Technology and Integration Specialist Mr. Camire, updated the space with whiteboard tables, large-screen monitors to connect to Chromebooks, and flexible furniture. Students are using this room to learn, collaborate, and create in a more innovative setting. We can't wait to see the amazing things the students will produce!

MMS Lightboard STUDIO grant

Check out this teacher created video using the Lightboard Studio Grant sponsored by the MFE at Medway Middle School! We love watching innovation in our schools!

MHS 40% Club Grant

The 40% Club at Medway High School, advised by chemistry teacher Mr. Frank Hoek and school social worker Ms. Debra Dodge, believes that 40% of your happiness is determined by your actions. To support their learning, Mr. Hoek and Ms. Dodge wrote an MFE Grant to provide members with copies of the book, “The How of Happiness” by Sonja Lyubomirsky. After reading the book, the group was inspired to spread positivity throughout the school community. Their work includes bringing therapy dogs in during exams and placing positive affirmations on student lockers. Great job, 40% Club, Mr. Hoek and Ms. Dodge!

Mcgovern elementary

Lively Libraries! lego table

In Fall of 2017, the Medway Public Schools began the process to transform our school libraries. After visiting other libraries and media centers, K-5 Curriculum and Instructional Leaders Christine Baldiga and Paula Johnson wrote an MFE Grant to enhance this revision through the purchase of a Lego table. Students and teachers alike are enjoying this addition to the space!


In 2016, the MFE was able to support Medway Middle School teacher Mr. Doug Herbst in his effort to help students to make deeper, global connections after reading the book, "Lost Boy, Lost Girl: Escaping Civil War". Because of the funding he received in an MFE grant, he was able to bring refugees from the Sudanese Civil War who came to live in America, known as "The Lost Boys", to share their stories of survival with our sixth-grade students. The event was so powerful that the MFE annually supports this opportunity. In February 2019, Mr. Machar Nai once again visited with our students to share his inspiring message of hope and resilience.